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Published on 12-05-2022

The team will be in training at Calpe from December 6 to 16

As usual, Team TotalEnergies will be heading to southwestern Spain to prepare its 25 riders for the 2023 season.

Pre-season training, an important first gathering

Pre-season training is always a pivotal moment for professional teams. They present a rare opportunity for everyone, cyclists, staff and partners alike, to get together and lay the foundations for the upcoming season. Our riders can expect a busy program over the next ten days.

“The first gathering allows us to welcome the new riders joining the team,” said Sports Director Benoit Genauzeau. “I’m thinking particularly of Steff Cras and Jason Tesson, who are coming from outside organizations. But we mustn’t neglect the induction of our three young riders from Vendée U, who are passing a new milestone in their careers.”

Benoit Genauzeau stresses the importance of this training period for the whole team and for the staff who will be involved throughout the season: “This training session is really important, because it gives us time to talk to each other, to communicate and build a connection. The riders and the staff can either catch up or get to know each other, with some social events and group outings, which are varied so that all the cyclists get to spend time together on their bikes. The 2022 season was long and intense, and everyone needed to recharge their batteries. Now it’s time to get back together and work hard!”

Testing, analyzing, planning

A large part of this training period will be devoted to tests and analyses to “measure their level”, as Performance Manager Maxime Robin tells us.  “We’ll carry out the same tests as last year to determine the training thresholds. The main focus this time is endurance. We’re lucky to have the benefit of the warm Spanish weather to get in some solid hours’ training. At the same time, the program has a whole physical preparation and strength training component. After the tests and interviews with the various specialists, the aim is to start building racing programs and to adapt training individually.”

By training in southeastern Spain, the racing cyclists enjoy the best working conditions to start the next season, as Maxime Robin clarifies. “The weather is much better in Calpe, particularly in December. We can train for longer more easily in the heat, as we recover more quickly. The body recovers better in these conditions. The other advantage involves the difficulty level of the routes, which can be very varied. We can easily add hill climbs to the sessions, which isn’t always possible for the cyclists at home.”

The team has already planned a second session at Calpe from January 11 to 20 to put the finishing touches to preparation and make any final adjustments before the 2023 season kicks off.

The 25 racers

  • Edvald Boasson-Hagen
  • Maciej Bodnar
  • Thomas Bonnet
  • Mathieu Burgaudeau
  • Jérémy Cabot
  • Steff Cras
  • Víctor de la Parte
  • Fabien Doubey
  • Sandy Dujardin
  • Valentin Ferron
  • Fabien Grellier
  • Emilien Jeannière
  • Alan Jousseaume
  • Pierre Latour
  • Lorrenzo Manzin
  • Daniel Oss
  • Paul Ourselin
  • Peter Sagan
  • Julien Simon
  • Geoffrey Soupe
  • Jason Tesson
  • Anthony Turgis
  • Dries van Gestel
  • Mattéo Vercher
  • Alexis Vuillermoz