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Published on 06-27-2023

Valentin Ferron to Discover the Tour de France

Young Valentin Ferron will experience the Tour de France for the first time this summer, and he deserves to be there! We talked with him just after the selection was made official.

“I’m very excited and honored to wear the TotalEnergies jersey in the Tour de France. This selection shows that the team has confidence in me, and I am very grateful. I’m going in with a lot of humility. In know it’s anything but a piece of cake. It’s the world’s hardest race. I’m sure I’m going to suffer during these three weeks. Even so, I’m going to give my all to help the team and finish in Paris with no regrets.

I learned that I was selected yesterday from Benoit Genauzeau. It was a relief, because I’d prepared with a high-altitude clinic in May. I just needed the team’s approval to be officially part of the Tour de France. I can’t wait to begin.

I think my main objective on this Tour de France will be to serve the team. I’ll try to take part in as many breakaways as possible in breakaway stages, and maybe even try for a stage win.”