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Published on 08-01-2023

Baptiste Vadic Signs with the Pros

Team TotalEnergies has kicked off the summer transfer season by recruiting Baptiste Vadic. The Vendée U rider will join the pros next season.

From Vendée U to Team TotalEnergies

After three seasons of solid riding, it’s time for Baptiste Vadic to move up to the pros. The 21-year-old has signed for two years with Team TotalEnergies.

Known for his strength as a puncher, Baptiste chalked up three wins in 2023, among them the Manche-Atlantique and stage two of the Ronde de l’Oise.

Baptiste Vadic gave his first interview to Team TotalEnergies, his new home.

Is this validation for you?

“It’s an objective I’ve been working towards for several years, and it rewards a long-term effort. I’m proud and very happy to join the pros. Yes, you could call it validation, but it’s not an end to itself. It’s the beginning of a new adventure, and I’m going to do everything I can to make sure it lasts as long as possible.”

How did your friends and family react when you told them?

“It was crazy – a moment full of emotion and satisfaction. My friends and family know better than anyone all the sacrifices it took to get here. They are very happy for me! They have always supported me and stayed by my side. I owe them a great deal.”

What is the race of your dreams?

“The Tour de France, of course – I’ve dreamed of it since I was small. It’s always thrilled me. I’m also very eager to participate in Milan-San Remo, as it could be a good fit with my skills-set.”

Are there riders on the pro team with whom you are already close?

“I know several of the riders and staff members, notably my former teammates from Vendée U. It’s a real advantage to come into a kind of familiar environment. I’d like to give a shout-out to Vendée U, whose program allows us to rise towards the pros in an environment shaped by values that correspond to my upbringing.  Vendée U is my second family, and TotalEnergies will keep that going. Many thanks to the presidents, to the staff for their professionalism and engagement, and to all my teammates. These three years at Vendée U taught me a lot. They helped me grow both as a person and an athlete.”