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Published on 11-20-2023

Medical check-up – Lorrenzo MANZIN

Medical check-up – Lorrenzo MANZIN

Suffering from pain in his right leg for several months, our sprinter Lorrenzo Manzin recently underwent successful surgery. Affected by iliac endofibrosis, a pathology that prevents blood from flowing properly through the artery.

Our rider is currently beginning his convalescence period with the aim of returning to the roads as soon as possible.

Lorrenzo said:

“The operation went well, this type of injury is common among cyclists and affects the recovery of athletes. I’m going to begin a period of convalescence lasting several weeks, before gradually getting back into the sport. The aim is to get back in shape to help the team in 2024. My start to the season will certainly be delayed.”

The whole of Team TotalEnergies wishes Lorrenzo a good recovery.