A few words with Jean-René Bernaudeau

Jean-René Bernaudeau : « We can’t wait to get the season off to a good start
in style. »

Jean-René, how are you looking ahead to the 2024 season?

JRB: We’re starting this year with a determination to defend the values
our own values: audacity, pride in our region and the nerve
and the nerve we like to show on and off the bike, Vendée-style.
the Vendée way.

What are Team TotalEnergies’ ambitions for the new year?

JRB: Our historical pyramid structure, from CREF to Team
Team TotalEnergies via the Vendée U Pays de la Loire,
our know-how, our education and our collective obsession.
our collective obsession. In this respect, I would like to congratulate the entire
and the work of Maxime ROBIN, the guarantors of research and development
research and development.

What can we expect from a younger squad?

JRB: What has always brought us together is the ability to believe in the deep-rooted values of sport.
to believe in the profound values of sport: surpassing oneself,
emotion to create vocations and emulation.

Any last words?

JRB: We wish you all, our team’s supporters and partners
our best wishes for 2024.